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About Me

During the past few years the main focus of my business has been wildlife photography.  This included accepting commission work, selling prints, cards, conducting workshops, presenting talks and occasionally holding exhibitions and stalls at various locations.   I have BSc (Hons) Zoology with Conservation and MSc Wetland Science and Conservation.  Early next year I will commence an BA (Hons) Creative Writing.  I am progressively introducing new skills into my work as I learn.
I was first introduced to photography through a gift I received at age 17, a tiny compact Camera.  I have no formal photographic qualifications at present.  This, plus an SLR camera lead me to become an amateur photographer for the next 20 years or so, including membership to my local Camera Club.  I became professional in 2005. 
I became self employed in 2005, utilizing digital camera equipment and zoom lenses, which I still do today.  Photographs are taken and presented without any modifications unless otherwise stated (i.e. cropping or conversion to .jpg for ease of use). Wherever possible I photograph nature in their natural habitats around Wales and Scotland.  Where this is not possible (e.g. wolves) I  frequent animal charitable organizations, who also benefit.
What drives me
Awareness and understanding of conservation issues has increased over the past few years, with issues becoming increasingly more important.  Whilst science and photography have important roles to play in order to assist us to understand our planet and how it works, everyone can become involved if they wish. 
Conservation and Voluntary Work
In order to increase my awareness and understanding of animal behaviour and habitat management (or not), I have participated in voluntary schemes, which include two working holidays in Poland during the 1990’s to assist in the study of carnivore behaviour in Carpathia.  More recently I was a volunteer for the RSPB at one osprey site, for the CCW monitoring Barn owls, land management with the NWWT, animal care at the Welsh Mountain Zoo, and bird feeding and walking at the The Owls Trust.
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